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Art. TS 5000 Brass Gate Valve

Short Description:

Brass Gate Valve with compression fitting DN63

Applications: Connection for drinking water system.

Brand Name: TOSVAL

Customized support: OEM/ODM

Material: C37700/CW617N/CW614N

Thread: NPT/ BSP

Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/ Month

Port: Ningbo Port /Shanghai port

Certificate: EN13828/ ACS

  • Brass Ball Valve:
  • Applications: Connection & drinking water system.
  • Brand Name: TOSVAL
  • Customized support: OEM/ODM
  • Material: C37700/CW617N/CW614N
  • Thread: NPT/ BSP
  • Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/ Month
  • Port: Ningbo Port /Shanghai port
  • Certificate: EN13828 ACS
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    Art. TS 5000 Brass Gate Valve with compression fitting DN63

    Hot stamp brass body with brass handle

    Natural Color

    Working pressure:2.5Mpa

    Tested pressure: 3.0Mpa

    Working temperature: 0℃≤t≤85℃

    suitable for: water

    Female/female threaded ends according to ISO 228

    Parameter Table











    Art. TS 5000 is designed to be used in wide variety of sectors: drinking water distribution networks, heating systems, air conditioning, sanitary systems and generally with any non-corrosive liquid. It was made in compliance with the quality management requirements of ISO9001 standard. All articles are tested according to EN13828 standard.

    TOSVAL valve has integrated 63mm mechanical push-fit connectors for PE pipes. Tightness is done by elastic NBR gasket and tensile resistancy (anchoring) is done by brass tensile ring which has matching conical sliding surface towards the nut's conical surface. Tensile ring has inside peripherical protuberances which penetrate perimetrically at the PE pipe and eliminates the pipe sliding out. Connection can be easily opened by loosing the nut of the connector. Connectors can be re-assembled the same or different place without changing the parts or damaging the pipe.


    The valve has a non-rising stem and it closes by turning it rightwards. The stem tightening is done by 2 corrosion resistant NBR O-rings which are tight during all operating temperature range 0-85℃.

    The wedge (gate) is made out of environmental-friendly brass and coated with high resistance and elastic NBR suitable for sanitary installations. The wedge movement is guided by valve body. The wedge and valve body are designed to work together and strong closing or opening torques are not needed. The valve is full bore DN50 when fully open.

    TOSVAL valve doesn't need maintenance when operating normally. In case of possible damage the bonnet can easily be opened and re-assembled without disconnecting the valve from the pipe system. All the parts inside can be easily changed without special tooling.

    The bonnet is connected to the body by 2-1/2" thread and sealed with o-ring and secured with M6 one-way lag screw. Bonnet's closing torque when re-assembling is 40Nm. M6 lock screw has to tight up for security.

    ● High-quality materials for Body and Ball: CW617N/CW614N

    ● Handle: Brass handle

    ● Standard thread connection: NPT or BSP.

    ● EN 13828:2003 approved for use in water supply systems in buildings.

    ● ACS approved.

    Besides the constant updating of production facilities, a key factor in maintaining TOSVAL’s current leadership role proved to be the strong attention given to the technical design aspects.

    The company offers its customers range of important services as a partner able to support its competitiveness on increasingly demanding international markets.

    Tosval are certified approved by ISO9001, ISO45001, OHSAS 18001, EN331:2015, EN 13828:2003, etc. Also, every products already be tested before delivery.

    This valve body take hot forging and it is well-established processes,  offering improved quality with enhanced component strength while eliminating porosity, and inherent problem associated with casting. Compared to the casting process, hot forging offers much improved mechanical characteristics and surface appearances with superior efficiency and repeatability of the process. and reduces porosity, a better control of the production costs.


    This ball valve is compact in structure, reliable in sealing, simple in structure, and convenient in maintenance. The sealing surface and spherical surface are often closed, so it is not easy to be eroded by the medium surface treatment. It is easy to operate and maintain, it is suitable for the drinking water system.


    Packing Details


    TOSVAL Innerbox


    TOSVAL Outercarton

    Each valve be packed separately in a plastic bag, 8pcs be packed in paper innerbox, then in paper outer cartons and then delivered strictly on pallet secured by strong PET strips and covered in plastic foil. Every innerbox and outercarton has a label to descript the goods packed.

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